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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Usahawan Anggur Profesional


once u’ve graduated plz make a fast move looking + searching + applying for a job that suits u..

it’s really BORED at home..

when there’s nobody accompanying u..

and u’re alone..

shopping?no money..

watching tv?no accompany..

eating?its fasting month now.. desperate lorr…
just dont be like me..

everybody’s working..

my frens are working..

my family are working..

my uncle, auntie are working..

my nebors are working..

and they are gaining money as time passed by..


still here..

everyday looking for a job..

the star paper.. jobstreet.. jobs db..

in front of tv.. lappy.. news paper the room..

waiting for calls, waiting for messages..waiting for good news..

but nobody’s hiring me..

i’d been interview for 5 times..

it’s has been 2 month..

2 of them pass d 1st intrvw n cntnue to 2nd ...

still no answer..



tunggu lagi..

it’s ok..

belum ada rezeki lagi, kata2 org tua..

rezeki blom smpai agaknye..


what should i say then?


is it my fault for worked part-time job for almost 3-weeks?

yes it does..

and no it doesn’t..

i’ve big money from its

no time to apply at that moment..

so not my fault kan?

masih sempat lagi looking for a job after that..

menyedapkan hati, even jealous melihat kawan2 da keja..

weh, da dapat keja ke?

so what’s wrong?
andai tersurat di kalam tuhan..

aku punya kerjaya yang bagus..

with my effort doing a self talking in front a mirror..

such a crazy..

looking for a job everyday..

i’ll terus2an mencari kerja..

here i come!

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