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Saturday, October 18, 2008

At Last...

On searching
Many people I’ve seen
Just looking
It’s hard feeling by just looking at it
Feels the same
Albeit shortly
Convocation’s rehearsal
Two different atmospheres
At morning, at evening
Hiding, hiding, hiding
Reluctant other people
Hey...u got a job?
CGPA doesn’t play any role laaa....
He/she forgot that God gives all rezeki
Whether short or long
Got a call from Nec HR
Sujud syukur
At last...
 For the moment I wait so long
Alhamdulillah... Grateful to God
9 times attend for interviews,
To lose one’s way
Two, three, four, five ways
Two Month plus minus
At last an offer letter from NEC
By this convocation,
My mood is really high up
You know why?
Seems easy to guess...

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