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Thursday, January 29, 2009

my senorita

3 month already passed...
actually i dunno whose are really read my blog.
haahaa.. seems like funny whereas we create blog..
to get attraction from other people, read and comment our blog.

3 month already gone with the flow...
since now, just 2 times i dated with my girl.
i means, since she goes back to JB.
how is it feel when invinted our couple at her house?
to get permission from their parent..
aku berasa amat kekok sekali pada mulanya..
but for the second time, i really felt so comfortable.
her parent were very understandings..
suppose me bring her daughter to go such any place.
siap tunjuk jalan lagi..
how lucky I am..

this april, our relationship will reach at 5 years..
so long isn't?
hahaaa... hopefully our relation will long lasting and never end..