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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boycott, may turn down the israel?

Nowadays, most people whether unity or individual muslim says
they want to boycott.
Boycott israel, what we can do to comply this mission.
Are we strongly gives hundred percent for this association of boycott?
Are we apply this mission in our daily life.. Let's take a break..

now, working using laptop with processor.
around end of month, is precious menu.

where place to shopping cheaper? ahaaa

when go out drink ice

when her get red flag, they were asked for

now, babies not wears kain lampin, more easy with

when go home, turn on Astro.. hmmmm
channel and

boring, open ice box, ahaaaa fresh

biscuit and also

tonite, layan movie omputih
smells like gampang, grab sembur sikit ..fresh

go to bathroom, shower foam... and facial foam

done.. covering with shirt

drop on sofa, layan berita , latest issue Gaza
arghhh so cruel bangsat jewish..

capai rokok berjenama..........

Wherever it is, i'm fixed to

p/s: Walaupun ada produk yg tak mampu kita boikot
tapi mana yg boleh tu cubalah kita boikot.
Moga2 tahap ekonomi mereka akan menjunam sedikit demi sedikit.
Bantulah HAMAS
tak gune barang2 dorg ni pun hidup hepi je..
xde susah pon nk boikot.
peace no barang yahudi laknat

1 comment:

  1. go go..boycott go...makan nasi lemak kukus jekla....